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Legend has it that in 1898 party fiend and general vagabond Baron Von Took fled to London shrouded in scandal. With little to his name but his skills of cunning and a questionable reputation he battled for survival from one day to the next until his erratic behaviours landed him a date with the gallows. His final wish being a drink in one of Covent Garden's numerous brew houses, from which he promptly escaped. His following days were spent in hiding, rebuilding his power base. This new phase saw him galavanting with the stars of the time from Disraeli, to Brunel, Dickens to Nightingale, Tesla and Shaftesbury. By now he had adopted an almost mythical reputation as a heroic party goer and evader of the realm. Since history has a way of smoothing rough edges, his moniker over time became ‘The Escapologist’.

5th October 2016- The Constitucional Court of Spain has declared the Catalonian Parlament is competent to regulate bullfights but not to ban them . The annoucement to revoke the ban has been postponed for unknown reasons . In July 2010 the Catalonian parlament decided to ban bullfights and the prohibition came into force on 2011. La Monumental de Barcelona is a privately own bullring which may raise hopes to the return of Corridas to Barcelona. At the end of the XIX century, 1896, Barcelona went on to be the Spanish city with more operative fix bullrings at the time. However the first antitaurine movements in the region are also recorded to have emerged in the beginnings of the XXth century.

It was also the site of William Wallace’s execution. It happened much like in the movie, Braveheart (hung, drawn and quartered), though there is no evidence to support the blood curdling cry of “Freedom!” Wallace’s head was tarred and put on display atop London Bridge; his limbs placed (separately) in Perth, Stirling, Berwick and Newcastle, and a left quarter sent to Aberdeen (it’s said to be entombed in the walls of St Machar's Cathedral). A memorial to the Scot can be seen outside St Bartholomew's.

Gallows - London Is The ReasonGallows - London Is The ReasonGallows - London Is The ReasonGallows - London Is The Reason